Three Tips for Washing your Clothes

To say that I am obsessed with washing clothes is an understatement. I do a load of washing most days, especially if it’s fine weather. I just love the smell and feel of fresh clean clothes, which make me look good and feel confident.

Tip 1 – I sort my washing out by colour in three different loads: a white or light-coloured load, a medium-coloured load, or a dark-coloured load. I mostly wash in cold water, and the only time I use warm water is for my activewear or heavier soiled clothing. I also hand wash any delicate garments such as my underwire bras, dresses, skirts, tops, and trousers.

Tip 2 – When hanging out my washing, I turn the dark-coloured garments inside-out so they don’t fade. And my white-or-light-coloured garments are hung outside-out so that they can be bleached whiter by the sun. However, you need to be careful not to put your delicate items in direct sunlight as it can damage the fabric.

Tip 3 – Once the clothing is dry, I take the larger items (t-shirts, tops, dresses, etc) off the clothes line first, and then drape them over a chair rather than throwing them in the clothes basket where they will get crushed. Then I either fold them straight away or hang them up. Doing this will save you time having to iron them later, or making the ironing a much tougher job.

If you follow these tips you can enjoy wearing your garments for longer, which will save you time and money. Happy washing!