Is black a winning colour?


photo of black clothes and footwearBlack is typically a winning colour for New Zealand’s sporting elite, but what about for the rest of us?

Wearing black means different things to different people at different times.

Wearing black can make me feel gloomy and withdrawn, whereas vibrant colours perk me up and make me feel confident. Even adding colour to a black outfit through accessories or makeup helps to improve my mood.

The All Blacks wear black because it’s their sporting uniform, which gives them a sense of identity and pride, and can be a powerful, emotional experience for them and their fans. It also portrays their image of discipline, self control, and strong will. This in turn gives the impression they have power and authority. Right now, the day before the quarterfinal with France, I hope their all-black outfits – right down to their boots – help them on their quest to win the Rugby World Cup.

I encourage you to ask yourself three questions about wearing black.

  • What does black mean to me?
  • How do I feel when I wear black?
  • Do people treat me differently when I’m wearing black?

The answers to these questions will help you to understand your reasons for wearing black.

Black has both positive and negative connotations. On the positive side black can make you feel sophisticated, mysterious, sexy, and seductive. It can also imply that you have self control, discipline, and independence, and can give the impression of power and authority.

On the negative side, black can make you seem unfriendly, intimidating, and unapproachable. Wearing too much black can prevent two-way communication with family and peers, and it can be used to hide an individual’s weight, feelings, fears and insecurities.

Now ask yourself if you are a positive or negative dresser when you wear black.

In my experience, black is the most popular clothing colour for New Zealand women. I wonder if this is because they want to play it safe, or is it because they want to hide themselves, or is it simply that they don’t know what colours suit them best and cannot find styles they like that come in colours other than black.

Black can be a winning colour for any of us – a black cocktail dress, for example, can make you look and feel fabulous. But most of the time, I think black prevents us from looking our best.

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  • Great comments, since I had you do my colours and wardrobe, black is the last colour I look at in the wardrobe, and that in itself has been a massive release for me Simone. I agree with your point of view, that possibly no-one looks good in black, I look around the office and I see so much of it, I think women have it in their minds that it is more a work uniform colour maybe?? Easier to dress in the mornings when all you have to choose from is black black and black?? Then again, I have tried to encourage the ladies I work with to use colour more, and their eyes get this haunted look like a rabbit trapped in headlights, I find it all very curious. Anyways, great article, look forward to more posts. Arohanui Doll, Jules XOXOXOX

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