Wardrobe Declutter and Reorganise

Now that we’re 15 days into lockdown, my new normal has started to settle somewhat. Thankfully, the Auckland weather has been kind to us with so many glorious sunny days, allowing me to spend time cycling around my local area and sprucing up the outside of my home. Who would have thought the highlight of my week would be doing the grocery shopping!

The coronavirus has given me the gift of time, which has taken me back to my childhood and the fond memories of my Nana who lived her life doing so many of the things we are now having to do such as baking, gardening, knitting, sewing, walking to her local shops for groceries, and walks around her neighbourhood. For some, this time is incredibly difficult, but for others it’s a chance to think about their fast paced lives.

So, 15 days in, I feel a need to clear up and reorganise my surroundings, which I know helps my state of mind. Of course, I’ve headed straight to my wardrobe. I tend to keep it organised, but I was still surprised how much decluttering and reorganising it needed.

Stay well and stay safe.